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Mobile IP-VPN light.

Makes M2M/IoT data connections secure.

Mobile IP-VPN light.

Makes M2M/IoT data connections secure.

Secure communication on mobile devices with Mobile IP-VPN light.

Your challenge

Many M2M/IoT applications require mobile, direct yet secure access to external terminals (servers, machines, robots), with the clients/users/M2M modems only being permitted to communicate between themselves, without being routed to a customer LAN/intranet.

Our solution

With Mobile IP VPN light we offer the solution for securely linking all sorts of mobile users and guaranteeing M2M security. The parties are given private, fixed IP addresses so that they are uniquely identifiable. The system is based on very advanced in-network security mechanisms for when data is being shared over the mobile network.

Do you need an M2M security solution for a secured connection between a central location and your mobile users?
Learn more about our Mobile IP VPN product here

Find out more about Mobile IP-VPN light.

The access to the mobile network via the T-Mobile Austria backbone is established using the customer's own Access Point Name (APN), which is provided purely for this purpose and configured in the network. You define all the SIM Cards and use the administration portal to activate them for the APN, you establish the connections using this APN, and you can share data in the closed user group (pure SIM-to-SIM communication).

So, with Mobile IP VPN light, as standard, you manage a private, contiguous IP address space that you have nominated. The IP addresses from this address space are statically assigned to the mobile terminals when the connection is established. Only one limited contiguous IP address space can be specified for each customer network.
An example of an application is a mobile directly accessing external terminals, servers, robots and machines.

Do you need a solution for a secured connection between a central location and your mobile users?
Learn more about our Mobile IP VPN product here

Your benefits at a glance.

  • Save time and money with network-based security, private APN and a closed user group
  • Administer and operate Mobile IP-VPN light simply, with little effort
  • Benefit from fixed private IP addresses for users and automated systems
  • Get direct, mobile access to (and between) external terminals, servers, robots and machines
  • Only permit authorized mobile M2M SIM cards to establish connections
  • Get mobile access and networking wherever there are no fixed lines or where it is too costly to set them up

M2M/IoT for almost any business sector.

Machine to machine can be used profitably in almost any area of the economy – from industry and transport, energy and security, through to retail and the public sector. In addition to extending business segments, the optimization of complex processes and the associated reduction in costs constitute the main customer benefits of machine to machine.

M2M makes workflows simpler, processes leaner, and enables entirely new business models. Typical advantages include remote administration, monitoring, optimization, and notification functions.

Open up new business areas

M2M communication gives you real-time data that provides the basis for new services, business models, target groups and markets. This is of particular interest to you if you want to develop your business from one-off sales to models with ongoing customer relationships.

Better product and service quality

Remote diagnostics and maintenance functions are essential for sustainable, inexpensive service structures. Many tasks can be completed remotely without having to be on-site.

More security, less risk

M2M solutions can monitor the status of the connected devices and their environment in real time. This enables any faults or failures to be detected immediately and further harm can be avoided.

Process automation reduces costs

The automated sharing of information opens up a wide range of opportunities for optimizing processes. Automation can make manual activities, which may be error-prone, quicker, more efficient and more secure.

Prerequisites for Mobile IP VPN light.

Mobile IP VPN light requires the ability to access T-Mobile Austria's mobile network from a T-Mobile SIM card.

Our reference customers.

  • Österreichische Lotterien
  • Konica Minolta
  • hobex
  • Enio
  • Salzburg Research
  • Telegärtner Elektronik
  • Euroscan Parts & Services
  • Julius Meinl
  • Würth

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