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Mobile IP-VPN.

Makes M2M/IoT data connections secure.

Mobile IP-VPN.

Makes M2M/IoT data connections secure.

Secure communications from the central location to your machines with Mobile IP VPN.

Your M2M security challenge

Optimum mobility plays a decisive role in today's business world: distances no longer matter when data, information and processes are available wherever they are needed – regardless of the location.

Our solution: Mobile IP VPN

Work directly with up-to-date data and information, and forget about having to worry about synchronization. The flexible, future-proof remote access solution from T-Mobile provides you with secure, reliable connections and can be tailored quickly and easily to your individual requirements.

A closed user group within the mobile network and secure data transmission through to the customer's network using IPsec provide optimum M2M security and guarantee that access is only possible for authorized users and that data is protected along the entire transmission path.
Mobile IP VPN uses the Internet as the transmission path to the customer network. The only requirements on the customer side are an Internet connection with a static IP address and an IPsec-capable router.

Mobile IP VPN M2M has been optimized for use with the T-Mobile M2M Service Portal. In this respect, mobile IP VPN has been integrated into the M2M Service Portal as an additional module.

Do you need a solution for a closed group of mobile users?
Learn more about our Mobile IP VPN light product here

How you benefit from Mobile IP VPN.

With the Mobile IP VPN product, T-Mobile provides a technical M2M security solution that you can use to transport the IP traffic on your mobile lines within a closed user group via a "tunneled" connection directly to a private IP network.

For this purpose, a highly secure connection is established via the Internet to the Customer’s in-house network terminal with static IP address, based on the IPsec encryption standard. This guarantees a smooth transfer point between the mobile data network and your private IP network and ensures that only T-Mobile SIM cards activated based on the existing framework agreement can establish connections to your own intranet using a mobile device.

Access from the mobile network is achieved via a customer-specific virtual network access ID or a separate APN. Only SIM cards that have been authorized for service by T-Mobile in the Service Portal can dial in.

  • M2M solutions normally use IP protocols based on bidirectional communication between M2M modules and centralized application
  • So the communication tends to use IP addresses rather than the SIM's call numbers
  • Customer's own and static IP addresses/SIM cards enable authentication and authorization concepts to be implemented entirely using IP
  • The expenditure for application development can thus be reduced substantially (no application-specific authorization concept/administration)
  • All applications can be used without any restrictions (dependent only on bandwidths and terms)
  • Bidirectional communication and active polling of mobile devices are ensured – even with connections (contexts) that remain set up permanently
  • Reduction in the volume of data and hence costs for cyclical polling of mobile devices

Do you need a solution for a closed group of mobile users?
Learn more about our Mobile IP VPN light product here

Radius forwarding M2M as an optional enhancement for Mobile IP VPN M2M

On request, T-Mobile Austria provides the option "Authentication with the M2M partner (RADIUS forwarding)" which provides an additional connection of the customer's own RADIUS server. RADIUS stands for “Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service".

RADIUS forwarding allows you to control the assignment of a device to a local IP address from your own private IP address range. RADIUS forwarding as an enhancement of the Mobile IP VPN M2M thus allows you to control yourself the authentication and authorization with call setup to your own private network. Control can thus be integrated into most existing enterprise-wide user account administration solutions.

Your benefits at a glance.

  • You benefit from a cost-effective, all-in-one product for mobile dial-in including network-based security
  • Protect your data from third-party attacks throughout the entire connection
  • Protect your data through a closed user group using the M2M SIM cards you have nominated and by a private APN (Internet access)
  • Ensure secure transmission using an IPsec tunnel that routes the data from the mobile network via the Internet to a tunnel endpoint on the customer's side
  • Use the M2M Service Portal to authorize the SIM cards
  • Save on additional costs for VPN clients and VPN gateway

M2M/IoT for almost any business sector.

Machine to machine can be used profitably in almost any area of the economy – from industry and transport, energy and security, through to retail and the public sector. In addition to extending business segments, the optimization of complex processes and the associated reduction in costs constitute the main customer benefits of machine to machine.

M2M makes workflows simpler, processes leaner, and enables entirely new business models. Typical advantages include remote administration, monitoring, optimization, and notification functions.

Open up new business areas

M2M communication gives you real-time data that provides the basis for new services, business models, target groups and markets. This is of particular interest to you if you want to develop your business from one-off sales to models with ongoing customer relationships.

Better product and service quality

Remote diagnostics and maintenance functions are essential for sustainable, inexpensive service structures. Many tasks can be completed remotely without having to be on-site.

More security, less risk

M2M solutions can monitor the status of the connected devices and their environment in real time. This enables any faults or failures to be detected immediately and further harm can be avoided.

Process automation reduces costs

The automated sharing of information opens up a wide range of opportunities for optimizing processes. Automation can make manual activities, which may be error-prone, quicker, more efficient and more secure.

The prerequisites for Mobile IP VPN.

Mobile IP VPN requires the ability to access T-Mobile Austria's mobile network from a T-Mobile SIM card.

Our reference customers.

  • Österreichische Lotterien
  • Konica Minolta
  • hobex
  • Enio
  • Salzburg Research
  • Telegärtner Elektronik
  • Euroscan Parts & Services
  • Julius Meinl
  • Würth


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