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High Quality IoT Connectivity from T-Mobile.

Connecting devices to make the world smarter.

High Quality IoT Connectivity from T-Mobile.

Connecting devices to make the world smarter.

Why T-Mobile?

  • Remain connected everywhere with our national and international roaming solutions, giving your business the best coverage possible.
  • Deutsche Telekom’s large footprint gives you access to more markets.
  • We offer flexible tariffs which are best suited to the customer’s needs by adapting to the use-case.
  • Our sim management portal allows you greater control over your business meaning greater efficiency and security, whilst making roll-outs easier.
  • We can offer our expertise in M2M & IoT.
  • The perfect partner for solutions including: vehicle tracking, asset tracking, surveillance, health monitoring, renewable energy, smart metering and more….
  • Secure your future and become part of Deutsche Telekom’s connected community.

Find out more about reliable, secure data transmission in M2M/IoT applications.

M2M (machine to machine) is the communication between machines that aims to structure processes faster, more efficiently and more securely, and open up new business segments.

IoT (Internet of Things) means that even simple, everyday objects are connected to the Internet so that data can be shared online.

Wireless communication is the key communication technology for transmitting data, remote control, remote diagnostics and remote maintenance from individual devices, plant or entire systems.

The data is acquired either using sensors attached to an M2M device or directly, using machine interfaces. Depending on the application, this M2M hardware will be a router, a gateway, a data logger, an automation or control unit, etc., with an integrated M2M SIM card. Once the data acquired has been sent via the mobile network, it is stored on a central server. The user either accesses the data via a web portal or using standard interfaces to then process it further in other systems, websites, smartphone apps, etc.

Depending on the requirements and application, different functions can be implemented in the M2M/IoT application concerned:

  • Display the sensor values obtained on a dashboard
  • Overview of historic data over time
  • Control actors from the central location or using automatic triggers
  • Trigger alert scenarios if threshold values are exceeded or undershot
  • Export bespoke reports with a range of key data
  • Integrate the data and information acquired into other systems (e.g. ERP), websites and smartphone apps

T-Mobile can give you all the data transmission components for M2M/IoT solutions from a single source. For you, this means controlling and organizing systems that are sometimes far apart, which enables reliable, cost-efficient solutions using the latest technology.

Your benefits at a glance.

Efficient processes
Secure systems
New business segments
  • Use machine-to-machine communication to open up new business areas
  • Save time and money with automated processes
  • Use M2M solutions to improve your company's transparency and efficiency
  • Deploy remote monitoring to identify critical situations
  • Improve your product and service quality
  • Optimize your results through more accurate planning
  • Always retain an overview of your plant and equipment using M2M
  • Be alerted immediately if thresholds are exceeded or undershot
  • Create custom reports with current and historic data in the M2M Portal
  • Identify and eliminate problems in your business early on
  • Focus on your core business thanks to M2M technology from a single source

M2M/IoT for almost any business sector.

Machine to machine (M2M) can be used profitably in almost any area of the economy – from industry and transport, energy and security, through to retail and the public sector. In addition to extending business segments, the optimization of complex processes and the associated reduction in costs constitute the main customer benefits of machine to machine.

M2M makes workflows simpler, processes leaner, and enables entirely new business models. Typical advantages include remote administration, monitoring, optimization, and notification functions.

Open up new business areas

M2M communication gives you real-time data that provides the basis for new services, business models, target groups and markets. This is of particular interest to you if you want to develop your business from one-off sales to models with ongoing customer relationships.

Better product and service quality

Remote diagnostics and maintenance functions are essential for sustainable, inexpensive service structures. Many tasks can be completed remotely without having to be on-site.

More security, less risk

M2M solutions can monitor the status of the connected devices and their environment in real time. This enables any faults or failures to be detected immediately and further harm can be avoided.

Process automation reduces costs

The automated sharing of information opens up a wide range of opportunities for optimizing processes. Automation can make manual activities, which may be error-prone, quicker, more efficient and more secure.

Strong technology partners for different M2M applications.

T-Mobile boasts a portfolio of outstanding partners in the M2M arena, each of whom are specialists in their field. Depending on the industry, requirements and task in hand, we will advise you which partner solution is ideal. Thus we ensure that the best hardware and software components are used for your specific M2M solution to ensure your solution runs efficiently, securely and reliably. We see it as our task to make a substantial contribution to your success. Here you can learn more about our M2M partners.

T-Mobile and Microtronics Engineering GmbH boast references from national and international M2M customers and are synonymous with reliability and stability. The M2M product portfolio ranges from wireless GSM data transmission technology, that allows information to be shared between devices and machinery, mobile data-acquisition devices for collecting and monitoring data in the field, through to the visual presentation and storage of data on a centralized server. The complete solutions represent successful business models, which can be adapted flexibly to your personal wishes as well as the constantly changing market requirements.

Together with Microtronics, T-Mobile offers M2M solutions in the following areas: level measurement, tank level measurement, remote meter reading, metering control, state monitoring, pressure measurement, humidity measurement, gas measurement, alarm sensors, temperature monitoring, etc.

Together with our M2M partner WIKON you receive optimum customer consulting and project implementation to increase the efficiency of the work processes in all businesses. According to your requirements, you have access to an M2M Solution Manager to ensure that you utilize the ideal system components before coming up with a final design for an M2M solution, in order to analyze, for instance, sensor or logistics data via your personalized cloud solution. Here, the data is processed, individually displayed and logically integrated into business processes.

Examples of joint solutions include level measurements for liquid gas tanks, flow rate, pressure or level measurements in water and oil supply, remote monitoring of industrial plant and equipment, cogeneration plants, etc.

In BellEquip, T-Mobile has a M2M hardware partner with a wealth of experience in supporting wireless mobile data transmission. BellEquip’s large hardware portfolio offers a wide range of solutions for different project requirements with customers both nationally and internationally valuing BellEquip’s ability to enable a stable wireless connection. Alongside this, the ability to extend router functionality easily via additional software specific to the customer’s needs, provides even greater project flexibility.

BellEquip solutions support areas such as remote maintenance, internet-gateways for business customers as well as environmental monitoring, all with accompanying alerting system.

Our reference customers.

  • Österreichische Lotterien
  • Konica Minolta
  • hobex
  • Enio
  • Salzburg Research
  • Telegärtner Elektronik
  • Euroscan Parts & Services
  • Julius Meinl
  • Würth

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