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Overview of M2M/IoT tariffs.

With the M2M Service Portal you can see your individual tariffs at a glance.

Overview of M2M/IoT tariffs.

With the M2M Service Portal you can see your individual tariffs at a glance.

Your individual M2M tariff with the M2M Service Portal.

Your challenge

Individual projects with large numbers of units cannot usually be covered with standard M2M tariffs. So, in the case of M2M solutions at an international level, it is essential that M2M/IoT tariffs are continually optimized for the requirements of the application concerned.

With the visibility required: because when a large number of devices and, thus, SIM cards, are involved, it is important that you maintain an overview of your mobile contracts and the connection status of your M2M SIM cards.

Our solution: Managed Connectivity with bespoke tariffs

T-Mobile Austria offers an individual M2M tariff, based on your requirements, which takes into account the data volumes that you need, which M2M SIM cards will be used, the countries in which the application will run, what contract duration you want, etc. Entirely based on your individual needs.

And with the M2M Service Portal you also have all of your M2M SIM cards on your radar in real time, so that you can always work cost-efficiently and with as much automation as possible.

How you benefit from bespoke M2M/IoT tariffs.

Our offering is tailored precisely to your needs. We offer you bespoke M2M tariffs based on SIM or SIM group for your individual requirements, based on your application scenario:

  • Which and how many M2M SIM cards do you need?
  • How often will data be transferred?
  • What volume of data will be transferred?
  • National and/or international use?
  • Possible extra options, such as voice, SMS, etc.
  • Which contract duration?

Global availability

T-Mobile Austria, as part of Deutsche Telekom AG, one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, offers reliable, cost-effective solutions on a global basis.

With M2M Roaming from T-Mobile, M2M mobile communications services can also be safely used abroad:

  • You benefit from T-Mobile's entire M2M roaming world in every country group.
  • For each country group you always pay the fixed price, whatever the network.
  • Billing is in 1 KB data blocks or by SMS.

The M2M Service Portal to administer your SIM cards

The M2M Service Portal is online worldwide and can be accessed via a secure Internet connection. Therefore you can monitor and administer your SIM cards from anywhere. So you have a centralized management point with a clear overview of your M2M application.

The M2M Service Portal ensures you always have all the important information about the card status at your fingertips in real time. The clear web interface gives you access to all the information and functions that are relevant to you. This enables you to manage the mobile services of your M2M products cost-effectively and securely:

Main features at a glance

Web-based portal for a holistic management of your M2M contracts.

From ordering your SIM cards, activation, changes in real time, through to assigning user- or application-specific information, you can control everything here yourself. The platform's bulk administration options enable you to administer your M2M lines, including user and role strategies, in a targeted way.

By assigning a "test status" to the M2M SIM card, the M2M Service Portal provides optimum possibilities for customer-specific logistics and fabrication tests.

From setting usage limits per SIM or SIM group, alerting or blocking when limits are exceeded, setting up permitted roaming countries, detecting/alerting if M2M SIM cards are used with devices that do not comply with the predefined device IMEI ID, through to alerting if unauthorized roaming networks are used, you have access to every option for transparently controlling your M2M contracts.

The M2M Service Portal offers not only a holistic overview of the M2M SIM cards and their respective status but also many options for accessing and processing various contract- and SIM-related values.

The M2M Service Portal application programming interface (API) can be used to administer all SIM cards managed in the M2M Service Portal and access information on these SIM cards via a web SOA / file transfer interface. There is nothing to prevent integration into customer systems and automation of processes.

Multi-level business models

The M2M Service Portal meets the requirements of disparate business models, enabling, among other things, complete hierarchies of resellers, solution providers and their customers to be mapped.

A compelling alternative for many businesses: you yourself invoice your customers for the mobile communications services. The "Wholesale" business model enables this. By providing detailed usage data, your customers can be billed directly. Compelling partner models and access to competitive prices make T-Mobile Austria an attractive partner in the M2M wholesale sector.

Want to explore the M2M Service Portal? The T-Mobile M2M Test Kit enables you to test Managed Connectivity in Austria free of charge for a month.

M2M SIM cards: It’s up to you

T-Mobile Austria offers you an M2M SIM card in the classic plug-in format for your individual M2M project, along with a solderable minimized MFF SIM card (MFF = M2M form factor). This is an M2M SIM chip which was developed specifically for industrial requirements.

The classic: the plug-in M2M SIM card

The traditional plug-in-SIM card is mainly used in cell phones, but is also suitable for many M2M requirements under normal conditions of use.

The "small" classic: the micro-SIM card (3FF SIM)

The micro-SIM card (also known as 3FF SIM) is a smaller version of the plug-in M2M SIM card, which is used in special cell phones and tablet PCs.

The professional: the MFF SIM card

The specially developed MFF M2M SIM card or the SIM chip meets particular requirements for industrial usage. Compared with the plug-in SIM card, it is smaller, sturdier and can be installed automatically.

The MFF SIM card is soldered and is more resistant against physical influences e.g. in the case of large temperature fluctuations. All of which gives it a much longer service life than the traditional SIM card. Fixed integration of the MFF SIM card also protects against theft. Of course, MFF SIM cards can be installed automatically using the pick-and-place process. The pick-and-place process involves an automated procedure where a machine selects a certain component (in this case the SIM chip) and places it in the device in the right place. SIM chips can be integrated in the designated devices using this process.

M2M SIM card quality management.

T-Mobile Austria has set itself the goal of meeting the quality requirements throughout the supply chain, i.e., from the customer, via T-Mobile Austria as the M2M SIM card supplier, through to the first- and second-level suppliers.

Against this background, T-Mobile Austria has installed an M2M SIM card quality management system whose task is to maintain the product and process quality of the entire supply chain at the highest level and to continually improve it.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Industry-standard quality management
  • Established troubleshooting process
  • Complaints management
  • Product modification process
  • Change alerts with appropriate lead times
  • Long-term storage of SIM data for tracking and tracing

Your Managed Connectivity benefits at a glance.

Individual M2M/IoT-tariff

  • Tariff tailored to your requirements (data volume, lists of countries, etc.)
  • Precise billing of the used data volume down to KB level
  • Low basic monthly charge

M2M SIM management

  • Process efficiency through centralized control of all mobile contracts
  • Minimal administration costs thanks to holistic overview and global access
  • Multi-language support for global deployment
  • Security through role concepts and multiuser support


  • Information lead thanks to centralized overview of connections, states and costs in real time
  • Full control of all your mobile contracts
  • Efficient diagnostics by pinpointing faults precisely in the individual M2M devices

Business success

  • Optimum resource usage thanks to real-time communication and clear workflow management
  • Limit costs and identify misuse
  • Keep risks under control thanks to overview in real time


  • Intuitive, user-friendly, easy-to-learn portal
  • Short process paths
  • Maximum process reliability thanks to traceable actions

The T-Mobile M2M Test Kit:

Your entry route into the world of managed M2M connectivity.

The M2M Test Kit from T-Mobile Austria is the convenient way for you to get to know our managed connectivity offering.

Main features at a glance

  • Test our web-based M2M Service Portal for managing your M2M mobile contracts for a month, free of charge
  • A data SIM card (2FF form factor) for use throughout Austria is included
  • Once activated, you have access to the services for one month

Your benefits at a glance

  • Your uncomplicated entry route into the world of managed M2M connectivity
  • Test T-Mobile with your devices, services and business models
  • Easy opt-in, easy opt-out: rapid activation, defined timescale for service, no small print
  • Probably the start of a fantastic business relationship

How to get your M2M Test Kit: just order it online! Take advantage of our expertise and get the M2M Test Kit now!

Order your M2M Test Kit   Activate your M2M Test Kit

M2M/IoT for almost any business sector.

Machine to machine (M2M) can be used profitably in almost any area of the economy – from industry and transport, energy and security, through to retail and the public sector. In addition to extending business segments, the optimization of complex processes and the associated reduction in costs constitute the main customer benefits of machine to machine.

M2M makes workflows simpler, processes leaner, and enables entirely new business models. Typical advantages include remote administration, monitoring, optimization, and notification functions.

Open up new business areas

M2M communication gives you real-time data that provides the basis for new services, business models, target groups and markets. This is of particular interest to you if you want to develop your business from one-off sales to models with ongoing customer relationships.

Better product and service quality

Remote diagnostics and maintenance functions are essential for sustainable, inexpensive service structures. Many tasks can be completed remotely without having to be on-site.

More security, less risk

M2M solutions can monitor the status of the connected devices and their environment in real time. This enables any faults or failures to be detected immediately and further harm can be avoided.

Process automation reduces costs

The automated sharing of information opens up a wide range of opportunities for optimizing processes. Automation can make manual activities, which may be error-prone, quicker, more efficient and more secure.

Our reference customers.

  • Österreichische Lotterien
  • Konica Minolta
  • hobex
  • Enio
  • Salzburg Research
  • Telegärtner Elektronik
  • Euroscan Parts & Services
  • Julius Meinl
  • Würth


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